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Q. What is the purpose of Net Marketing Magazine?
A. The purpose of Net Marketing Magazine is to educate entrepreneurs and the small business owners about marketing online to grow their business. This magazine will also show you the tools necessary to take your business to the highest level possible.

Q. If Net Marketing Magazine is free, how is it funded?
A. The magazine is 100% funded by the publisher and affiliate sales earned. 

Q. What is an affiliate sale?
A. There are thousands of companies that utilize an affiliate program to grow their business, so that they can decrease their advertising budget. The way the affiliate program works is as follows:

  1. We have registered as affiliates for companies we feel are beneficial to our readers.
  2. We, as the affiliate, have received a link from each company, that tracks all sales.
  3. We promote the links throughout this magazine and our web site. 
  4. If you click on the link we promote and make a purchase, we as the affiliate, get the credit for the sale.
  5. The company we represent keeps a portion of the sale, and we earn the other portion. 

Companies like,, and over ten thousand more offer affiliate programs to decrease their advertising expenses. It’s very effective because their advertising expenses are derived from earnings. Traditionally, advertising expenses must be paid by companies whether a sale is made or not.

Q. Do I pay more because the magazine is getting a percentage of the sales?
A. No. You pay the same amount you normally would. We act as a distributor of a manufacturer. When you purchase any of the products or services, you win, the company wins, and we win. It’s the perfect relationship.

Q. How can my company’s affiliate program be included in this magazine?
A. If you have an established affiliate program, we will review your product or service. If we find that it is a good fit for our readers, we will become an affiliate and create content that will help promote your company. We do not guarantee sales, since it’s up to the reader to determine that your company is a good fit for them. Naturally, there is no cost for you to advertise in this magazine if sales are not generated.

Q. How can I create an affiliate program for my company?
A. If you don’t currently have an existing affiliate program, you can contact Edison Guzman at, and he will guide you in the right direction.

Q. How many magazines are printed and distributed?
A. The digital copies are made available to our subscriber list and through social media and there is no limit to the number of copies distributed. The printed (physical) version is limited by the amount of affiliate sales generated per publication. The more affiliate sales earned, the more are printed and distributed. You can spread the word about this publication and this will help increase distribution of the magazine.

Q. How will the magazine be distributed?
A. Copies will be distributed by email to all english-speaking subscribers world-wide and through social media.